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Series Introduction -About My Process

Series Introduction -About My Process

Art is hard to see online. The finer marks and details, which are so important to paintings, often become completely invisible when viewed on phones and laptops. So, in this series, I’ll not only be talking about my paintings, but showing you more details of how they work in panning closeups. I’ll also give live… read more

Making "Waves" - see the creative process in action

Making “Waves” – see the creative process in action

My paintings comprise abstract elements yet somehow manage to make figurative statements. They can be inspired by anything at all. Even a beach walk. I live near the beach and recorded a few seconds of video on this morning’s walk. I wanted to see if I could use it as the inspiration for a painting. The… read more

See the Live Painting of "Sourdough"

See the Live Painting of “Sourdough”

Come with me on a creative journey as I paint a new work, “Sourdough”. Hear about the inspiration behind this unusual piece and see a behind-the-scenes time lapse video of its development. I find I only need a broad inspiration to start work on a new painting. After that the subconscious seems to somehow takeover… read more

Painting "Ocean Birth"

Painting “Ocean Birth”

In this short time-lapse video, see how I develop and complete “Ocean Birth” in under 60 seconds. This painting was initially inspired by some cooking oil spilt on the stove. It provided some interesting shapes that provided enough of a plan to get started: Once the painting is underway, I react to what’s happening. It’s… read more

Painting “Bubble Karma”

Come with me on a creative journey as I paint a new work, “Bubble Karma“. See the steps of development, how it all comes together, and how despite it’s abstract nature, it has a figurative interpretation. Painted on Melbourne’s 200th day of COVID lockdowns, this painting is about how isolated people reach out to form “bubbles”… read more