40cm x 50cm acrylic on canvas, unframed
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Description of “Waves”

Artist Statement

This painting was inspired by a walk along Sandringham beach, Melbourne.  I was  interested in applying my visual language of marks and motifs to explore the broad colours and themes suggested by various sources of inspiration.

On this occasion, I was inspired by the landscape. However, I don’t set out to capture light or any realistic sense of perspective or proportion. The fact that this painting is even reminiscent of it’s inspiration is an uninteresting coincidence: that can happen but it’s not my objective.

I take liberties and add objects that were not present, while freely ignoring or altering elements that were. The role of the motivating scene was only to initiate a largely subconscious and reactive process in which I seek a balance and harmony between the constituent abstract elements.

In other works like “Sourdough“, it may be difficult for the viewer to even recognise the initial inspiration. In others like “Bubble Karma” or “Allegretto“, which were motivated by concepts, it is impossible.

If you are interested in learning more about the nature of abstraction, head over to my blog on abstraction which features a behind-the-scences video demonstration of the painting of this work.

You might also enjoy my blog series on the great artists that inspired me.

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