Making Abstract Art – See the Creative Process In Action

by Adrian Blakey in In the Studio

What exactly is abstraction, and how and why do artists make it? I’d like to try to give you some insights into that.

My paintings are comprised of abstract elements that work together to make figurative statements. They can be inspired by anything at all. In this post, I’d like to talk you about and demonstrate how I painted “Waves“, a work inspired by a beach walk.

My creative process, and my version of abstraction, may surprise you. I have developed a visual language of marks and motifs that I freely adapt and apply. I find that I only need an outline of an idea in order to get started. The painting process is very fluid and relies on my reacting to whatever happens on the canvas.

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Join me in the following video, as I show you how I developed “Waves” using a few seconds of video as inspiration. Scroll down to find links to other blog posts featuring art developed from totally different forms of inspiration.

The final work may or may not be a literal representation of the original inspiration. In this case, the painting is quite figurative. In “Sourdough“, which was inspired by a loaf of bread, that painting was much less figurative. The blog post on that work contains a video which shows you it’s development.

Bubble Karma” is another of my recent abstract paintings. That work was inspired by a very contemporary theme, namely how people reach out to form “social bubbles”  while locked-down in large cities. Read the blog post on that work and see a video in which give further insights into the nature of abstraction here.

Almost anything can be a source of inspiration. “Ocean Birth” was inspired by the shapes and colors of some oil I spilt whilst cooking. You can see how that painting developed in a short video in another post here.

Paintings can also be inspired by music. In “Allegretto“, I was inspired by a Beethoven symphony. I’m planning to do further paintings inspired by other musical genres as well.

Tell me what inspires you. Send me a message or email, and I’ll pick out one or two to  prepare live painting demonstration videos featuring commentary, which I’ll post here in this blog and on Instagram.

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