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Introducing the Great Artist Series

by Adrian Blakey in The Great Artists Series

All artists are inspired by those that went before. In this series, I’ll be talking about my personal “foundation artists”, those that I  find most interesting and inspirational. I’ll be trying to give you an insight into what it is I see in them, and how I respond to those inspirations in my own work. So stay tuned and come back often.

The first few posts will deal with some of the artists that I’ve personally found to be amongst the most influential:

  • Wassily Kandinsky, a Russian painter and art theorist.
  • Joan Miró, a Spanish painter, sculptor, and ceramicist.
  • Jackson Pollock, an American painter and a major figure in the abstract expressionist movement.
  • Willem de Kooning, a mid 20th century Dutch-American abstract expressionist artist.

There is a lot of  really good material online that can introduce to and familarize you with these artists. I don’t need to reproduce it. Instead, I will  provide you with a ton of links that help you get up to speed quickly on each artist.

You’re very welcome to link to my posts – I encourage it – but if you want to reproduce my posts in full or in part you MUST seek permission first.

I hope you enjoy reading this series as much as I enjoy writing it. Be sure to tell me if you do!

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